Cycles: 2011


Red and white dancing amidst the trees.

Flesh and snow.

Long forgotten fears vibrating among sunbeams lancing through the foliage.

Short metamorphosis of the forest, devoid of all the frills of exhibitions.

In this medium the haphazard begins to play at least as important a role as the vibrant, sharp prints do on the enormous, transparent sheets of paper. What other scenery would fit better for the presentation of perpetual circuit than this huge sanctuary where everything is subordinated to rotation?

The exhibition took place in the forests of Montseny, near Sant Celoni(Catalunya, Spain), in 2012.

No one was invited; no invitation cards had been sent out.

Still, passers-by and holiday-makers took intense interest walking into the set scene, discussing with us the significance and the meaning of the thing they saw.

No lengthy explanations were needed: the silence of the forest and the slowly wavering papers brought some – though not necessarily the same –message to everyone.

While I was watching people walking within the space of installation, here or there touching the prints, it was a superb feeling to see that there is a dormant demand for arts in everybody.

This special installation of large dimension bolting prints will be shown in various locations again, including Hungary, of course